Mentorship Programme

Every year, the External Relations Cell at IIM Calcutta launches a mentorship program for IIM Calcutta call-getters. Under the program - which is three years old - interested first year students at IIM Calcutta act as guides to aspirants in the run-up to their admission in the institute. The mentorship program was instituted with a single purpose in mind: that call-getters get all the help they will possibly need in securing admission to the hallowed gates of Joka. With the amount of information floating around in current times, it becomes extremely difficult for students to decide which institute they will best fit in. Through the program, every student who is interested in seeking admission to IIM Calcutta is offered a peek into life on campus, so that he/she knows what to expect as a student. For an overwhelming majority of students, an interview with the venerated faculty at IIM Calcutta would be the first time that they will have faced an interview for the purpose of higher education. Naturally, the pressure of the GD/PI process can be quite unsettling. The mentorship program aims to calm such frayed nerves, since primary mentors can share their interview experiences with anxious mentees and advise them on how they can handle the nervous energy. We also believe that aspirants have the right to know more about the institute from people who are presently studying in it, so as to prevent any kind of false information giving them the wrong idea about the institute.

The mentorship program has three layers to it. Each call-getter (mentee) is assigned a primary mentor (whose profile will tend to be similar to that of the mentee in terms of sector/duration of work experience, educational background etc.) and a secondary mentor, who will provide additional guidance to the mentee if the mentee desires so, or if the primary mentor is unable to tend to the mentee due to schedule constraints. Questions ranging from what to expect in the interview and how to approach the Group Discussion to minute details like how one can procure necessary certificates from Government institutions and what to wear in the interview, nothing is outside the ambit of the mentorship program. After candidates receive admits, city meets are held where prospective juniors can meet their seniors and gain more information about IIM Calcutta on a personal basis. It is also a great time for mentees to personally interact with a few 1st year students and socialise with them, and vice versa. A few alumni also turn up at the city meets, thus indicating how seriously the whole institute takes the mentorship program. Candidates can then gain more information on what the MBA at IIM Calcutta equipped them with, and how life post-Bschool really is.

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