A Day in the life of a PGPEX Student

Well, saying that it’s a hard day at IIMC for a PGPEX student would qualify as a serious understatement equal in magnitude to India having the same sense of hygiene as Europeans!

The day actually does not begin with a bang but with a whimper due to extreme tribulations of the previous night (which comes first?). Morning hours see a curfew in force till 0730. Quick attempt at setting right the countenance follows after a rude interruption by the alarm clock, with an equally quick trip to the Mess(!). After all one would need to stock up on energy to not only last the day but also face up to some unforgiving volleys in the class room.

The assaults begin from 0830 onwards although some perpetual late arrivers have mastered the art of trooping in nearly 30 minutes after the designated time. However they also have had to strengthen their body armour to be immune to the fiery glaze of the professors which attempts to sear their backside as they slink into their chairs. Classes are a mix of sedate and animated. Hours of leafing through case material, during the previous night, pays off during the class discussions. Balance sheets for a wide variety of companies like Asian Paints, Gucci, Ramada hotel and Citi Bank have been drawn up during these sleepless nights. At other times elaborate marketing plans have been conjured as have change management strategies or even pure competitor strategies. One only hopes that the interest is reciprocated by the companies! In analyzing the material one is required to be as good if not better than ‘Chitti’ the robot.

Classes go on up to 5.30 pm on an average, with a fleeting lunch break thrown in, by which time the intellect is devoid of any more reserves. After a quick cup of tea most of the PGPEX batch cycles northwards towards the gym facility. Many an intense battle is then fought in the badminton court with reverberations of the outcome carrying forward to the dinner table. There are others who cool off in the swimming pool or heat up the tread mill or jog around the nature friendly campus (the nature friendly part hits extremes during twilight hours when the charm of the huge variety of chirping birds is overtaken by the fear of their droppings!) By this time the depleted reserves are recharged and fresh academic pursuits beckon for the long night ahead.

Post dinner hours mostly begin with animated group discussions for the joint solutions required to be submitted. There are days when multitasking is the order and people are seen rushing from one group meeting to another on two absolutely unrelated subjects. Meetings prepare the base for further individual work which may be related to an individual assignment or an impending quiz. A ‘nightcap’ of a hot cup of tea assists in warding off sleep till early morning hours.

The travails of a one year MBA being such, students are stretched for time. However life is not as gloomy and depressing as this may sound. There are parties and joint sports activities (we had an intra-PGPEX sports meet which was a roaring and welcome success). There are activities organized by our younger friends of PGPs which too are a welcome diversion.

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