• How many regular academic programs are run by IIMC and what are their durations?


    PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and PGDCM (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management) are full time programs of two years duration. PGPEX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives) is IIM Calcutta's one year full-time residential general management program for mid-carrer professionals. PGPEX VLM (Post Graduate Program for Executives for Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing) is a one year full time residential program designed for the manufacturing sector. The course is being conducted jointly by 3 premier institutes of India viz. IIM Calcutta, IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras. FP (Fellow Program) is a research program whose duration depends on student performance and is about four years on an average.

  • On what basis is the diploma conferred?

    The academic performance of a student is assessed in terms of his/her grades in different courses as well as the CGPA (Cumulative grade Point Average) which is a simple average of these grades computed to the second place of decimal. All students who obtain a CGPA of 5.00 or more at the end of the sixth term are awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Management or the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management as the case may be.

  • What is the average batch strength?

    The strength of the batch varies from year to year, according to the institute requirements. Present first year batch is about 280. There are about 210 students in PGDM, 60 in PGDCM and 10-15 in FPM.

  • I want to major in two different functional areas, Is it possible?

    The major depends on the number of courses chosen by you of a particular stream. So you can major in two functional areas by the careful selection of optional courses.

  • Is accommodation provided for married persons?

    Yes, facility of separate accommodation is there for the individuals who are married. A nominal amount of charges are required to be paid.

  • Is it possible that one doesn't major in any area but do something like major in general management?

    Doing major in a particular functional area depends on the minimum number of courses you have done in that area. So it is also possible not to do major in any particular functional area.

  • Is there any scholarship given to students at IIMC?

    There are a number of scholarships offered to the students purely based on their performances at IIMC.

  • What is the course structure of PGDCM?

    The PGDCM is a two year program. In the first year, all courses in Finance, Marketing, Economics, Operations etc. are common to both PGDM and PGDCM (common implies common classes, exams, evaluation etc.). Apart from these courses, there are some fundamental courses in IT specific to the PGDCM students viz. Data Structures, 4GL and Software Tools, DBMS, Computing Environment & Foundations in Information Systems.

    In the second year, both PGDM and PGDCM students need to take 16 courses on credit of which 2 are compulsory. A PGDCM student needs to register for 6 courses (of these 16) in IS/IT along with courses in functional areas his/her own choice. Every course offered in the second year is open to both PGDM and PGDCM students.

  • What is the difference between Major in Systems and PGDCM?

    A systems MBA as we understand, means that a student specialists only in systems, for a career in systems. In this light PGDCM is not a Systems MBA. A PGDCM student can major in any functional area apart from IT and aspire for a career in that area. In the graduating batch, more than 90% of the students have majored in a functional area of their choice apart from IT.

  • Is a lot of programming knowledge essential before joining PGDCM ?

    No, PGDCM is essentially a management program that doesn't call for any prerequisites in the knowledge of computers. Necessary inputs in IT are provided by means of courses in the first term as well as through tutors who will guide you. However, if you are comfortable with computers, it may help in some courses.

  • Can PGDCM students go in for general management?

    Yes PGDCM students can go in for general management. During the first year PGDCM students do a few basic IT related courses. During the second year also some systems courses are compulsory while the remaining courses can be chosen from electives in any functional area.

  • Are classes common to both PGDCM and PGDM?

    Yes, the classes, evaluation, teaching etc. are common to both PGDM and PGDCM students.

  • Can a PGDCM student specialize in Finance, Marketing, Operations etc.?

    Yes. A PGDCM student while doing certain courses in IT, can specialize in any functional area like Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR etc. by choosing courses of his/her interest, and aspire for a career in that area.

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