Admission Procedure for Domestic Candidates


Admission Policy for the PGP Batch (2014-16)

Criteria for short listing and final selection of PGDM and PGDCM candidates for 2014-2016 Batch


Candidates will be shortlisted based on CAT score and academic performance provided they achieve the following minimum section-wise and overall percentile in CAT 2013 as per table 1 below:

Table 1: Minimum Cut-off Percentile for short-listing the candidates for Personal Interview (PI) stage

Category Section – I Section – II Overall
OPEN ≥ 90 ≥ 90 ≥ 95
NC-OBC ≥ 75 ≥ 75 ≥ 85
SC ≥ 65 ≥ 65 ≥ 75
ST ≥ 60 ≥ 60 ≥ 70
DA ≥ 60 ≥ 60 ≥ 70

Candidates in each category securing the above percentile in CAT2013 will only be considered for calculation of their composite score in Stage II. However, please note that the actual cut-offs for generation of short list for each category for PI stage will depend on composite score calculated in Stage II, section-wise and overall percentile in CAT 2013 and which may be much higher than the above mentioned minimum cut-offs.


Method of allotting points for Class X and Class XII percentages of marks based on aggregate scores is given in Table 2 below:

Table 2: Points for Class X and Class XII marks*

Class X Marks (in %) Class XII Marks (in %) Points
≥81 ≥81 5
≥ 76 and < 81 ≥ 76 and < 81 4
≥ 71 and < 76 ≥ 71 and < 76 3
≥ 66 and < 71 ≥ 66 and < 71 2
≥ 60 and < 66 ≥ 60 and < 66 1
< 60 < 60 0

*(for computing the percentage of marks obtained in Class X and Class XII, the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the mark sheet/grade sheet would be considered)

Table 3: Components and corresponding weights assigned for generating category-wise short-lists for the PI stage

Components Weights Method of Calculation
CAT2013 Score 77 (A / B) x 77
Class X marks 10 (C / 5) X 10
Class XII marks 10 (D / 5) X 10
Gender Diversity Factor 3 To ensure gender diversity, 3 points will be awarded to female candidates only.
Total 100  

A = Candidate’s total CAT2013 score

B = Maximum CAT 2013 Score

C = Points awarded for Class X marks as per table 2

D = Points awarded for Class XII marks as per table 2

Candidates based on their performance in CAT 2013, Class X and XII marks and gender diversity criteria will be called for the PI stage of selection process like Personal Interview (PI), Written Ability Test (WAT) etc. Cut-offs for the PI stage of selection category-wise will depend upon the section-wise and overall percentile in CAT 2013, composite score based on components in Table 3 and intake for the batch.

PI Stage

Criteria for Final Selection for PGDM & PGDCM (Batch 2014-16)

The following table indicates the criteria and their weights to be used for final selection for PGDM and PGDCM for the batch 2014-16.

Table 4: Criteria and weights for final selection for PGDM & PGDCM

Criterion Weights
CAT Score 35
Personal Interview (PI) 44
Writing Ability Test (WAT) 10
Point awarded for Academic Diversity at Bachelor’s degree level (Academic Diversity Factor for Bachelor’s degree (ADFB)):
Candidates with any of the following bachelor’s degree in the list X below are eligible for ADFB:
List X : BA, BA(H), B.Sc, B.Sc.(H), BS, B.Com, B.Com(H), BCA, BBA, B.Pharma, LL.B, MBBS, BDS or any other Non-Engineering bachelor’s degree not mentioned above.
If (Bachelor’s degree is from the list X)
Point awarded for Academic Diversity at Post Graduation(PG)/Professional Qualification Level (Academic Diversity Factor for Post Graduation(PG)/Professional Qualification (ADFP)):
Candidates with any of the following Post Graduation (PG)/Professional Qualification in the list Y below are eligible for ADFP:
List Y : Post Graduation (PG)/Professional Qualification like ICAI, ICWA, Company Secretary. Here, Post Graduation means Master’s degree like MA, M.Sc, M.Com, MS, MD, LL.M or any other non-engineering post graduate degree not mentioned above**
If (Post Graduation (PG)/ Professional Qualification is from the list Y)
Work Experience 08
Total 100
**Points will be awarded to only those candidates, who have completed their post graduate/professional qualification as on January 31, 2014.

For work experience, a maximum of eight points will be awarded depending on the length of service as on January 31, 2014 (Please refer Table 5). Only managerial work experience after graduation will be considered. Training/Project work/work done as an integral part of curricular requirement will not be considered.

Table 5: Points for work experience in completed months

Months <6 6 to 9 10 to 12 13 to 15 16 to 18 19 to 21 22 to 24 25 to 27 28 to 30 31 to 36 37 to 39 40 to 42 >= 43
Points 0 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 6 5

The final selection list will be based on merit in each category; minimum qualification on the above mentioned criteria would not automatically qualify the candidate for admission into IIMC

Reservation Policy:

IIM Calcutta will apply Government of India reservation policy for admission to Central Educational Institutions (CEIs).

Any dispute concerning Admissions for the PGP Batch 2014-16 would be subject to jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of city of Kolkata Only.

©This document was released by Chairman PGP Admissions, IIM Calcutta, on behalf of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

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